BOB3 Roboter selber bauen

Build your own!

B·O·B·3 contains 26
components. 13 one of them
will be placed by yourself!
construction manual
video clip of assembly


A construction manual with many illustrations
and a soldering manuel for beginners
explains the assembly and the necessary
soldering work step by step.
Video „soldering a resistor“
Video „close-up view“
soldering manual as pdf
tips for basic equipment
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BOB3 Roboter testen

First test

B·O·B·3 is already programmed,
so you can directly test
all functions of the robot
after assembling!

Ready assembled robot

B·O·B·3 is also available as
finished device 'B·O·B·3 SMD edition',
so you can directly start
with programming!
sources of supply
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