Coding tutorial

You can program your B·O·B·3
with a html5-web-application. is an interactive
programming gui with a
motivating programming tutorial!
BOB3 Coding Tutorial

Become coding champion !

During the several courses
you will earn medals, bonus points,
experiences and decorations.
Based on your actual level of knowledge, the number of
correctly solved tasks and completed
courses you are for example basic coder or
third level coder or better :-)

Many ways ...

... lead to the goal!
There is no defined order for the
single courses. Choose one way
and learn things first,
you like the most.
Tutorial Navigation


With the BobDude software you can transfer
your programming code to the robot.
bobdude_102-1_x64.msi ( Windows 64 bit)
bobdude_102-1_x86.msi ( Windows 32 bit) ( MacOS)
bobdude-1.2.0.tar.bz2 ( Linux)

Recommended browser: Firefox as from version 47.0
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