BOB3 mit ProgBob

Who is B·O·B·3?

B·O·B·3 is your little robot friend who learns programming with you.
the idea

Step 1

First you choose if you like to
build your own B·O·B·3
or if you like to use an
already assembled one

Roboter bauen
ProgBob Programmer

Step 2

Connect your B·O·B·3 with
the ProgBob adaptor helmet
and your computer

Step 3

Here we go! At
there is a programming tutorial waiting
for you. With this tutorial you can
learn step by step
the basics of programming!
Embedded Plattformen

What's next?

B·O·B·3 teaches you textual coding
in C/C++. You can use
this knowledge everywhere else!
What's your next project?

Sources of supply

B·O·B·3 and the ProgBob helmet are available at reichelt elektronik, at ELV Elektronik, at Pollin Electronic, at and at BRACK.CH! You can get the ready assembled B·O·B·3 SMD edition at Pollin Electronic.
School packages are available on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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